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RF is considered our non-surgical superior method of skin tightening as it provides optimal results without discomfort or downtime.

How does the treatment work?

The skin is comprised of two layers:

  • The epidermis forms the external outer layer we see
  • The dermis forms the deeper invisible layer beneath

The protein collagen provides the main structural support to the dermis.

RF energy has one advantage over laser light energy, its ability to deeply penetrate the skin (up to 25mm) releasing heat into the dermis.

Laser light has a maximum penetration depth of 5-6mm due to the scattering and absorption of energy in the epidermis.

RF tightens the skin by two main processes.

  • Firstly it has an instant effect by tightening the supportive framework of the skin (by contraction of collagen fibres and tissue retraction) aiding remodelling and rejuvenation.
  • Secondly, heating the dermis stimulates the body to produce collagen, boosting a healing response. This acts as a new deep foundation for the skin producing further tightening that becomes evident over several months.

Can all areas of the body be treated and does skin colour make a difference?

RF energy is colour blind and hence any skin type is suitable for treatment. Most patients with loose or lax skin are ideal candidates for RF. It should however be noted that RF energy cannot be applied to patients with pacemakers, metal plates or pins in the treatment area. Treatment is also contraindicated in clients with severe heart disease, diseases of connective and muscular tissue or pregnant and breast feeding women.

How long does it take and does it hurt?

The procedure is pain free and the client usually experiences a relaxing gentle heating sensation during the treatment. Normal activities can be resumed immediately. The duration of the procedure normally depends on the size of the area being treated. Treatment times range from 20 minutes up to one hour or more for extensive body areas.

Are there any side effects?

Redness (erythema) of the treatment area is often evident during the procedure and usually fades within 30 minutes to 24 hours. Rarely swelling and blistering within the treated area may occur. These uncommon side effects usually settle within days.

How many treatments are needed?

  • 4-8 treatments at weekly intervals are usually recommended for the body
  • 2-4 treatments at monthly intervals are advised for the face.

Smoking cessation and the application of a moisturiser with an SPF30 sun block is recommended to enhance the longevity of the treatment. Collagen produced by the procedure is also subject to the aging so it is usually recommended that over time top up treatments are performed. A single maintenance session once a year is usually recommended.

What are the costs?

The initial consultation is free of charge with no obligation to undergo treatment. Costs vary depending on the area being treated. Full-face treatment costs £300 per session and body treatment prices start from £150 per session (more details are given in the pricing section).

Is the treatment safe?

RF has been used in dermatology, cardiology, neurosurgery and ENT for over 70 years and continues to increase in popularity.

Because we offer an extensive range of skin tightening treatments, we can truly recommend the option that is best suited to you. Whatever we recommend, you can be assured that we are not using it because it is all we have to offer but because it is the best choice for you.

Our expert medical team has in excess of 25 years laser experience and have completed more than 120,000 successful treatments. Rest assured you are in safe hands. All procedures at our Cambridge Laser Clinic are performed by fully qualified doctors, nurses and practitioners.

Our technology is cleared by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has full CE clearance for Europe.

To ensure the highest ethical standards are maintained at all times, our staff are never offered bonus incentives to sell treatments.

Although medical laser clinics are no longer regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission), we continue to adhere to the strict standards that were in the past mandatory under government legislation. This is the best indicator currently available that our Cambridge Laser Clinic is trustworthy.

All consultations are free of charge so why not call our team of experts today?