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At Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic, we work exclusively with the latest innovations in aesthetics technology. Our expert team brings more than 30 years of combined experience to our Cambridge Clinic, from where we provide an extensive range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. By remaining committed to the most advanced laser technologies on the market, we’ve been able to successfully perform more than 150,000 treatments to date.

One of several major brands we’ve come to trust over the years is Alma Lasers. A renowned global leader in the design and development of aesthetic treatment technology, Alma Lasers has been at the forefront of the industry for more than 20 years. The company produces a comprehensive range of cutting-edge laser, light-based, radio-frequency and ultrasound solutions for the aesthetic and surgical markets.

Like us, Alma Lasers has built its reputation on a foundation of responsibility, innovation and total commitment to quality. Alma Lasers is continuously improving the capability and capacity of its devices, allowing clinics like ours to offer new-generation treatments for a variety of issues. Whatever your requirements and budget, you’ll be in the safest hands with Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic.

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Full-Spectrum Aesthetic Treatment Technology

Having recently celebrated its 20th year in business, Alma Lasers continues to enhance the versatility and performance of its product lineup. Today, Alma Lasers offers a complete range of technologies and treatment methods for various aesthetic needs – more than 100 common and niche cosmetic treatments covered.

The quality and consistent performance of Alma Lasers technology is such that it has become the go-to for cosmetic practitioners and surgeons worldwide. Just a few examples of the treatments we provide at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic using technology from Alma Lasers include the following:

Hair Removal

Advances in laser hair removal technology have made it possible to quickly, effectively and permanently remove hair from any area of the body. Alma Lasers leads the market with state-of-the-art hair removal systems, which get the job done comfortably and at an affordable price.

Skin Remodelling

An extensive range of skin rejuvenation treatments can be performed using technology from Alma Lasers, restoring skin’s youthful appearance through a 100% non-invasive process. The result – smoother, heathier-looking skin by treating the source of the problem below the surface.

Face Contouring

Over time, the skin’s elasticity and suppleness succumb to the natural ageing process. Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic provides a range of treatments than can effectively turn back time, restoring elasticity and creating a more youthful appearance.

Scars & Acne Scars

Say goodbye to scars and enjoy the confidence that comes with radiant skin, with no invasive surgery required. The latest scar removal technology from Alma Lasers can quickly, safely and permanently treat scar tissue anywhere on the body.

Acne Treatment

A high-quality acne laser treatment can be more effective and long-lasting than any topical treatment. All with the promise of no side effects, no downtime and no invasive surgery required.

Tattoo Removal

It’s estimated that around half of all adults with tattoos would like to remove at least one of them. Advances in laser tattoo removal technology have made it possible to quickly and permanently remove tattoos from most areas of the body – call today for more information.

Pigmentation Problems

Problematic pigmentation can lead to uneven skin tone, or create unsightly blemishes of various shapes and sizes. Alma Lasers creates cutting-edge solutions for the fast, effective and permanent correction of minor and major pigmentation issues alike.

Nail Fungus

Laser therapy is considered one of the most effective ways of treating fungal nail infection. Effective, affordable and pain-free treatment for a condition that’s known to affect around one in every 10 adults.

Skin Resurfacing

As the name suggests, skin resurfacing treatments using Alma Lasers technology effectively create a fresher, smoother and more youthful surface layer of skin. The result is a radiant, youthful-looking glow – all with no downtime and no invasive surgery required.

Stretch Marks

If stretch marks are making it difficult to take pride in your appearance, fight back with the latest treatments from Alma Lasers. Stretch marks and other scars can be lightened or removed permanently, through a safe and effective course of laser treatment.

The above examples cover just a selection of popular treatments performed here at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic. Whatever your requirements and budget, we’ll tailor your perfect treatment solution at a price you can afford. Contact our Cambridge Clinic today to book your free initial consultation.

Gold Standard Laser Treatment Technology

For more than two decades, Alma Lasers have been singled-out by specialist clinicians worldwide as the ‘gold standard’ producer of cutting-edge laser treatment systems. Today, the company continues to fly the flag for daring innovation and the development of uniquely capable laser technology.

We are delighted to announce our 20th anniversary and invite all of you to join our global celebration. With 20 years of successful and impactful operation behind us, we are excited and committed towards the future – for you, for life” – Lior Dayan, Alma’s CEO.

Here at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic, our experience with Alma’s technology enables us to perform the most extensive range of treatments in a safe, effective and affordable manner. Unlike some, we tailor the services we provide to suit our clients’ requirements and budgets – never the other way around.

Whether you have a specific treatment in mind or would simply like to discuss the services we offer, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic today to book your free initial consultation.