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Welcome to Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic

Our expert medical team has in excess of 25 years laser experience, providing a comprehensive range of high quality treatments that can be tailored specifically to your individual needs. We truly understand how your appearance can determine the way you feel. When you look good, you’ll feel good and everyone will notice. With more than 120,000 successful treatments, rest assured you are in safe hands.

Why choose Dr Nathan Holt at Cambridge Laser Clinic?

Our Cambridge Laser Clinic never offers bonus incentives or commission to sell treatments, ensuring your best interests are always put first and ethical standards are maintained at all times.

As an Independent Clinic, owned by the doctors, nurses and practitioners who deliver the treatments, we are able to “cut out the middle man” and deliver the highest quality treatments at the best possible price. We aim to provide maximum value to our clients.

While working at skin clinics, Dr Nathan Holt has become highly experienced and has put that experience to use in providing only the best in modern laser aesthetic treatments.

People Love Us

Rachel BeesonRachel Beeson

I am very happy with the information I was given surrounding my treatment, the procedure and the treatment itself.
Staff were very welcoming, a lovely clinic with a good environment. Highly recommended!

Paul AndertonPaul Anderton

I’ve had treatment for my rosacea, with Dr Nathan Holt. He’s changed my life, can’t recommend him enough. Would not trust anyone else.

Jue AliseJue Alise

Excellent. Extremely pleased with the treatment received, lazer is the only treatment that has helped my acne. Dr Holt is brilliant and thoroughly nice.

Gail PhelpsGail Phelps

He's the best, been going to him with skin concerns for 10 years.

Kelly JonesKelly Jones

Dr Holt has treated me in the past for a shingles scar on my forehead. My concern was that it was visible and sunken inwards. I had a total of three sessions of resurfacing laser treatment and I am very happy with the results. I would absolutely recommend Dr Holt.

James JonesJames Jones

Dr Holt has treated a scar from a surgery that I had a couple of years ago. I am really happy with the results, the scar has disappeared. I would recommend Dr Holt for his laser knowledge and his calming professionalism which really put me at ease.

David ChapmanDavid Chapman

After nearly 2 years of trying various treatments on a verruca I decided to try laser treatment as the last option. I wish I had made it the first!
It has taken 2 laser sessions and after 8 weeks its gone.
The care, service and treatment from the whole team at Cambridge Laser has been brilliant.

Beverley CookBeverley Cook

I have had laser skin resurfacing with Dr Holt for severe acne scarring that has blighted my life and reduced my self confidence. The results were fantastic and exceeded my expectations. I only wish I had attended the clinic sooner.

Paul AndertonPaul Anderton

I have been using Dr Nathan Holt for treatment for my rosacea for around a year now, both at a previous clinic, and his new one. I can quite honestly say that I would not trust anyone else with such a delicate part of a persons body, their face. My rosacea used to really get me down, with the persistent redness, and that awful burning sensation. But now I look and feel a different person, my visible blood vessels, and underlying redness have virtually disappeared. Dr Nathan and his team are very helpful, professional, and friendly, I couldn’t recommend Dr Nathan enough. It’s well worth the 110 mile round journey,
I’d travel twice that. Nathan is not a practitioner that is just after money, he works within the safe limits of your skin, for the best results, and always with great care. Dr Nathan and his team have really changed my quality of life.

Όσο ΜπορείςΌσο Μπορείς

I call Dr. Nathan Holt the “laser wizard.” One treatment alone has given me my face, my freedom, and my confidence back!! Brief history: I am a complicated case! I have suffered from type 1 & 2 mild rosacea for about ten years. A year ago, I was diagnosed with SLE (Lupus). My symptoms included skin problems, and throughout the fall and winter, I developed a unsightly and uncomfortable malar rash. The rash would wax and wane; it responded to strong steroids, but one cannot use steroids on the face indefinitely. Over the months my skin would flare up daily, presenting deep redness, blotchiness, and constant burning. At the least it was severely uncomfortable, and at the worst, it prevented me from leaving the house. I missed numerous events, work, and — worst of all — time with my family. I could not participate fully in life. The slightest bit of emotion, even talking to a stranger, would flare my skin up. It was a vicious, depressing cycle. Today, however, I am free of all those symptoms. I owe it all to Dr. Holt’s 25 years’ experience, valuable knowledge, and variety of state-of-the-art lasers.
I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Holt and his staff to anyone dealing with rosacea or other clinical skin issues. They truly are compassionate and knowledgeable folks, fully appreciating the devastating psychological affects of chronic dermatological problems. I know many fellow sufferers think laser is too expensive. I worked it into my budget, and it has been worth its weight in gold. No other topical treatment comes close to the power of a laser treatment. Often several treatments are involved, plus maintenance. However, Dr. Holt has the experience to ascertain the precise laser (both machine and settings) for your situation, often limiting the number of treatments necessary. We used one aggressive treatment with the V Beam, and that has eradicated my redness. I’m still in ecstatic disbelief at the results. I wish I had found this clinic sooner. There is hope and there is help — you’ll find both at this clinic!