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On October 1st 2010, legislation was passed allowing the cosmetic use of lasers and some surgical treatments without government regulation under the Care Quality Commission. This has resulted in the following safety implications for the public:

  • Anyone at all can operate previously restricted class 4 lasers and light systems from any place without training or any safety systems.
  • Some medical “knife-to-skin” procedures, previously restricted to state-registered premises, may also be delivered by anyone, from any place, and without training or safety control.

What does this mean for you?

Many new laser clinics now exist in this unregulated environment. We are extremely concerned that potentially dangerous treatments
that require skill, knowledge and experience to deliver safely are now open to untrained individuals.

We are also shocked at the recent explosion in the sale and use of low cost, low-grade equipment being imported from developing countries for use by these same untrained and unskilled laser clinics.

Often, the worst possible combination exists with the most untrained and unskilled laser operators paired with the cheapest, poorest quality laser systems.

We suggest that you proceed with extreme caution when deciding which clinic should deliver your cosmetic treatment.