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Welcome to The Body Work Clinic – by Dr Nathan Holt

dr ruth holt body contouring

Whilst Cambridge Laser Clinic focuses primarily within facial aesthetics, The Body Work Clinic expands our offering to include a new generation of non-invasive body treatments. The two clinics work in harmony together, offering the entire range of medical aesthetic procedures without diluting Cambridge Laser Clinic’s role as a highly specialised laser facility.

We can now address the whole body from head to toe by treating three target areas: muscle, fat and skin. Most individuals with an interest in body contouring treatments perceive that they require at least two of these layers to be addressed.  At The Body Work Clinic, we have invested in the most elite non-invasive body contouring technologies in the world enabling us to debulk, reshape or refine your body. In many instances, we can achieve a surgical result with a non-surgical approach. The result is minimal downtime, hence compatibility with our all too common hectic lifestyle

Coolsculpting (Fat Freezing)

Coolsculpting is a fat freezing technology that targets and permanently destroys unwanted pockets of stubborn fat. The treatment freezes away fat cells (cryolipolysis), permanently reducing the volume of fat in the target area. As fat cells are more susceptible to freezing than the surrounding tissues, the fat can be selectively destroyed without damaging the surrounding structures. Coolsculpting is the perfect procedure for clients who are either at their ideal weight or within one stone (6 kg) of their target weight. It is capable of reducing unwanted pockets of fat by 22 – 27% per cycle. Coolsculpting is the leading non-surgical fat reduction treatment and has minimal downtime.

EMsculpt (Build Muscle Burn Fat)

EMsculpt is a HIFEM procedure that is ideal for building muscle mass, enhancing muscle definition and increasing physical strength. The technology stimulates involuntary supramaximal muscle contractions that engage 100% of the muscle fibres (myofibrils) resulting in a 16% increase in muscle mass. EMsculpt can be programmed to build muscle with or without the destruction of fat cells within the targeted area. Fat destruction is desirable for a six pack treatment (to enhance muscle definition) but not suitable for a Butt Lift procedure (where volume within the treatment area needs to be maintained) Just one 30-minute session is the equivalent to 20,000 squats, crunches, curls or leg extensions, without the sweat. For those looking for increased abs definition, lifted buttocks or sculpted arms – the EMsculpt is for you.

Exilis Ultra 360 (Skin Tightening and Hot Sculpting)

This skin tightening device uniquely delivers both Radiofrequency (RF) and Ultrasound (HIFU) energy and can be utilised anywhere on the face or body. The technology can be programmed to tighten loose skin with or without the destruction of fat cells
(Hot Sculpting) within the target area. Collagen is boosted by 288% resulting in softened lines and wrinkles by up to 42%. Thermal destruction of fat cells has shown a 4cm reduction in abdominal circumference on average. The treatment is painless with no downtime.