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Many factors contribute to the ageing process including smoking, sunlight and environmental pollution. Some people have very expressive faces and repetitive frowning or smiling can damage the skin resulting in lines and wrinkles. Most people would prefer more youthful looking skin.

As the years advance, our skin becomes stiffer and less elastic and when exposed to continual movement of the underlying muscles, creases in the skin develop in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. These effects are most noticeable around the forehead, eyes and lips. Sun exposure exacerbates this process and it is noticed at younger ages in patients with lighter skin types. The following changes are visible in the ageing face

  • Superficial skin changes:- textural change, discolouration, pigment abnormalities, red blemishes, very fine lines
  • Superficial wrinkles:- appearing only during the movement of underlying muscles (dynamic wrinkles)
  • Deeper wrinkles:- present when the underlying muscles are relaxed and caused by the continual folding of the skin (wrinkles at rest)
  • Sagging of skin caused by loss of deeper fat cushions and boney changes

No single procedure can address all of the above undesirable changes, but a combination approach can often significantly reduce many of the unwanted signs of aging.

Fine Lines and Wrinkle Reduction Before


Fine Lines and Wrinkle Reduction After


Because we offer an extensive range of anti-ageing solutions we can truly recommend the treatment that is best suited to you. Whichever procedure we advise, you can be assured that we are not recommending it because it is all we have to offer but because it is the best choice for you.

Our expert medical team has in excess of 30 years laser experience and have completed more than 150,000 successful treatments. Rest assured you are in safe hands. All procedures at our Cambridge Laser Clinic are performed by fully qualified doctors, nurses and practitioners.

To ensure the highest ethical standards are maintained at all times, our staff are never offered bonus incentives to sell treatments.

Although medical laser clinics are no longer regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission), we continue to adhere to the strict standards that were in the past mandatory under government legislation. This is the best indicator currently available that our Cambridge Laser Clinic is trustworthy.

All consultations are free of charge so why not call our team of experts today?