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Warts and verrucas occur when the top layer of skin becomes infected with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV is highly contagious and can be easily transferred from one part of the body to another, or from person to person. Not all people are equally susceptible to the virus and the reason for this remains unknown.

Warts do not cause harm per se, but some people find them itchy, painful or embarrassing. Verrucas are more likely to be painful – like standing on a needle.

If you are unlucky enough to suffer from warts and verrucas, they will generally naturally resolve of their own accord within one to two years. Medical intervention can accelerate this process.

Warts can be covered with substances known as keratolytics, and this should eventually kill the HPV. However, this treatment only has a relatively modest success rate, and results can take many months to achieve.

Mosaic Wart Before

Mosaic Wart – Before

Mosaic Wart 2 Weeks After

Mosaic Wart – 2 weeks after

Mosaic Wart 4 Months After

Mosaic Wart – 4 months after

Cryotherapy can also be used if topical treatment is unsuccessful. This involves liquid nitrogen being applied to the infected tissue to kill the virus. Unfortunately, multiple treatments are often required and blistering of the skin can take a long time to heal.

Vascular lasers such as the 595nm pulsed dye laser (PDL) or the Nd Yag 1064nm laser have revolutionized the treatment of warts and verrucas. They work by:

  • Destroying the blood supply to the wart or verruca so the virus can no longer survive. This can be achieved with minimal damage to the surrounding skin.
  • Breaking down the virus DNA, dispersing fragments into the bloodstream stimulating an immune response. As a result, the body is prompted to attack the virus.

The 595nm PDL laser (maximum penetration depth 1.5mm) is the preferred treatment method for warts.

The Nd Yag 1064nm LP laser (maximum penetration depth 4-5mm) is the preferred treatment method for verrucas.

Depth of Penetration by Wavelength

Depth of Penetration by Wavelength-chart

To ensure optimal results we may well recommend a combination of laser and conventional treatment methods.

Our expert medical team has in excess of 30 years laser experience and have completed more than 150,000 successful treatments. Rest assured you are in safe hands. All procedures at our Cambridge Laser Clinic are performed by fully qualified doctors, nurses and practitioners.

To ensure the highest ethical standards are maintained at all times, our staff are never offered bonus incentives to sell treatments.

Although medical laser clinics are no longer regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission), we continue to adhere to the strict standards that were in the past mandatory under government legislation. This is the best indicator currently available that our Cambridge Laser Clinic is trustworthy.

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