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British College of Aesthetic MedicineAt Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic, our trained medical team has more than 30 years’ experience in cutting-edge aesthetic medicine. All treatments are tailored to the individual needs of each client, ensuring unbeatable results at the most competitive prices.

We’re proud to operate as a registered member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. Aesthetic medicine is classified by the BCAM as a medical discipline that should be undertaken exclusively by registered and reputable medical practitioners. Any procedure implemented with the intention of revising, enhancing, treating or changing the appearance of the skin or its associated structures is considered aesthetic medicine.

Cosmetic medical procedures should only be carried out by registered medical practitioners.” – The British College of Aesthetic Medicine

The aim of the BCAM is to empower practitioners across the United Kingdom with the information and resources needed to provide superior treatment for every patient. It is also the responsibility of the BCAM to help patients make sensible and informed decisions about the available treatments, along with the importance of locating an ethical and reputable aesthetic practitioner.

Aesthetic Medical Techniques and Procedures

As defined by the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, aesthetic medical techniques and procedures include the following among others:

The BCAM was established in 2001, by which time it was known as the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors. The purpose of the BCAM is to champion safe and ethical aesthetic treatments for the benefit of both members of the public and practitioners alike. The BCAM sets standards in an agreed and unified manner, ensuring all registered members perform to the same high level.

Here at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic, we take pride in being a full member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. We always go the extra mile to ensure the treatments we provide are on the very cutting-edge of the industry. Where there’s room for improvement or technological evolution, we’re always on the forefront of the aesthetic medicine sector. For more information on any of the treatments we provide or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic today.

What Does BCAM Membership Mean?

To become a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine is to provide every patient with complete assurance of responsible and ethical practices at all times. All members of the BCAM are required to attend regular scientific and educational meetings, as part of a network of more than 350 doctors across the UK. What’s more, every member of the BCAM must be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and have a formal licence to practice medicine.

The BCAM is a 100% non-profit organisation, overseen by a dedicated voluntary board of directors to help promote innovation and continuous improvements for the benefit of patients and practitioners.

Ultimately, becoming a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine demonstrates the commitment of the practitioner to performing at the highest possible levels. From experienced practitioners to newcomers, the BCAM provides access to the highest-quality training and educational resources the sector has to offer.

Criteria for BCAM Membership

The British College of Aesthetic Medicine considers applications for membership on the basis of strict criteria. Practitioners are only permitted to join the BCAM upon meeting the following requirements:

  • The practitioner must have current and valid GMC registration which is unrestricted, with no warnings, conditions or APS. They must be licensed to practice medicine in the United Kingdom.
  • Evidence must be provided of at least three years of General Professional Medical Training, along with one year of experience in the anaesthetic medicine setting.
  • A formal CV and declaration is be provided detailing the aesthetic work history and general acumen of the practitioner.
  • Formal proof of valid Medical Insurance cover of at least £5million for non-invasive cosmetic procedures and £10million for invasive surgical procedures.
  • All relevant certificates and documentation to verify aesthetic training and qualifications.
  • References from registered healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom, who must have been known to the applicant for a minimum of two years.

Only upon meeting all of the requirements above will applications for the British College of Aesthetic Medicine applications be considered. The resulting network of BCAM practitioners is therefore populated exclusively by experienced professionals of the highest repute.

Reputable, Reliable and Responsible Aesthetic Medicine

Here at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic, our commitment to responsible and ethical aesthetic medicine is reflected in our business model.  Under no circumstances do we offer commissions or incentives to our representatives for selling or providing treatments. Instead, we take pride in offering 100% honest, impartial and objective advice at all times.

Moreover, our advanced laser clinic is owned and operated by a team of noted doctors, nurses and practitioners, who along with carrying out the treatments also provide comprehensive consultancy. No middlemen or sales representatives involved – we deal directly with our clients from start to finish.

Once again, we’re proud of our association with the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and several other highly regarded bodies. If there’s a way to improve any aspect of our service at any time, we’re committed to making it happen for the benefit of every patient.

Whether ready to go ahead or simply considering an aesthetic treatment, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact a member of the team at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic today to book your obligation-free consultation.