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Here at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic, we owe our success to date to two things. One of which being the experience and commitment of our clinical team, the other being the world’s most sophisticated laser technology. Since our first day in business, we’ve worked exclusively with the latest advances in laser treatment technology from leading global innovators. When there’s something new and exciting making waves in the world of laser cosmetic treatments, you’ll find it here at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic.

Many of the treatments we provide are performed using the cutting-edge laser systems of Candela. Established in 1970 on strong brand values of Science, Results and Trust, Candela has spent almost 50 years at the forefront of the laser technology industry. Headquartered in Massachusetts, the company has established a presence in dozens of major markets worldwide. At our Cambridge Laser Clinic, we’ve come to count on Candela to devise, develop and distribute the most sophisticated, safe and reliable cosmetic laser technology on the market.

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Cutting-Edge Laser Treatment Technology

Candela’s commitment to innovation has led to the production of an extensive range of cutting-edge devices, covering all common and niche cosmetic requirements alike. Laser treatments from Candela are renowned not only for their effectiveness, but also for the minimal discomfort experienced during the procedure and elimination of downtime.

Just a few examples of the Candela laser treatments we perform at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic include the following:

Vascular Lesion Treatments

Vascular legions can occur anywhere on the body, through can be particularly problematic when they appear on the face. The latest laser treatment systems from Candela can quickly and effectively reduce the appearance of vascular legions, or eliminate them entirely.

Facial Treatments

We offer an extensive range of facial treatments using Candela’s most advanced technology. A simple, safe and affordable course of laser treatment could restore your skin’s youthful glow and help you take pride in your appearance once again.

Laser Hair Removal

The evolution of laser hair removal technology over recent years has been remarkable. Far from the rudimentary systems of years gone by, today’s laser hair removal systems operate painlessly and with pinpoint precision, permanently removing problematic hair from all areas of the body.

Scars & Striae

Scar tissue can affect skin tone and evenness across the body for a variety of reasons. From post-surgery scars to acne scars to injury scars and many more besides, Candela produces safe and effective systems to reduce the appearance of even the most prominent scars.

Tattoo Removal

If you’ve been considering the removal of one or more tattoos, we can help. Our unrivalled experience in laser tattoo removal enables us to quickly and permanently remove tattoos from all areas of the body, with minimal discomfort and affordable pricing.

Pigmentation Problems

The capacity for high-tech laser systems to effectively correct pigmentation issues is exceptional. From unwanted freckles to much broader pigmentation issues across the body, we offer safe and effective treatments for both common and niche pigmentation problems alike.

At Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic, we tailor the treatments we provide to suit the requirements and budget of each patient individually. Our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction is total, so you know you’re in safe hands.

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The Benefits of Candela Clinical Lasers

The entire laser treatment technology lineup from Candela has been designed with complete customer safety and satisfaction in mind. Here at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic, we’re proud to work with several cutting-edge laser treatment systems from Candela, which outperform many comparable devices in several key areas:

Consistent Performance

Time after time, Candela’s laser treatment systems deliver remarkably consistent results for patients with a wide range of problems and skin types. From the smallest pigmentation issues to more extensive wrinkle reduction and complete tattoo removals, Candela’s lasers perform with market-leading consistency.

Minimal Discomfort

The vast majority of cosmetic treatments performed using Candela’s lasers are 100% pain-free, with absolutely no downtime to worry about. Extensive improvements have been made to the latest laser treatment systems, in order to ensure minimum discomfort – however intensive the procedure.

Fewer Treatments

Compared to many rival systems, Candela laser treatments are capable of addressing much larger and more complex issues with each treatment session. The result of which is fewer sessions required to treat both common and rare skin issues in a safe, effective and affordable manner.


As technology continues to evolve, laser treatment costs are declining at a steady pace. Like Candela, we work hard to offer the widest possible range of cutting-edge laser cosmetic treatments at comprehensively affordable prices.

Committed to Customer Safety and Satisfaction

Operating as a 100% independent laser clinic in Cambridge, we’re able to provide honest, impartial and objective advice on all aspects of skincare and cosmetic procedures. All initial consultations are offered with no obligation to go ahead. We take pride in our pressure-free approach to the services we provide and go the extra mile to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Backed by more than 30 years of experience working with advanced laser technology, our clinical team knows how to deliver superior results at unbeatable prices. Whatever your requirements and budget, you’re in safe hands with Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic.

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