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Here at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic, our trained medical team has more than 25 years of combined experience with cutting-edge laser technology.  We take pride in offering a dynamic range of high quality treatments for common and rare conditions alike, tailored to suit each client’s unique requirements and budget. Having performed thousands of successful treatments to date, we know what it means to combine peak performance with unbeatable value for money.

Prioritising patient safety and satisfaction above everything else, we work exclusively with the most innovative and advanced laser treatment systems on the market.  Over the years, we’ve come to trust the Italian innovators at Quanta System to deliver above and beyond our high expectations. Originally established in 1985, Quanta System has spent almost four decades at the very top of the laser surgery and aesthetics industry.

Today, Quanta System operates out of Varese (Italy) and has an established presence in dozens of major markets worldwide. From initial research and development to product manufacture to quality control and distribution, everything takes place under the company’s roof. This allows Quanta System to oversee quality and consistency to an extent few comparable laser specialists can rival.

As a company that shares our own commitment to quality, we’re proud to use the latest technologies from Quanta System in our Cambridge Clinic. Contact one of our practitioners today to book your free initial consultation.

The Gold Standard for Laser Technology

The quality and versatility of the laser systems produced by Quanta is quite remarkable. Applications vary from complex surgery to art conservation and so much more besides. Such is the reputation of Quanta System that the company has become known as the ‘gold standard’ for laser technology among discerning audiences worldwide.

Along with its incredible achievements in the development of high-end lasers for aesthetic treatments, Quanta System has also achieved a number of world-firsts during its years in business. Examples of which include becoming the first company in the world to install RAMAN laser in Antarctica for the monitoring of the ozone hole, the introduction of the “Dusting Effect” for kidney stones treatment and being the world’s first company to have synchronised an ultrashort pulse laser with the radio-frequency cavity of a particle accelerator.

Quanta System has always taken pride in being an undisputed market leader, never a follower.

Quanta System Laser Technology Applications

Cosmetic laser technology has evolved enormously over recent years. Counted on by professionals worldwide to address a variety of common skin complaints, the latest technology from Quanta System now has the capacity to deliver unbeatable results at an affordable price.

From minor skin complaints to more severe and prolonged issues, we use cutting-edge Quanta System laser technology to get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely. Just a few of the most popular treatments carried out at our Cambridge Clinic using Quanta System’s technology include the following:

Skin Resurfacing

Our advanced skin resurfacing treatments are capable of reducing or eliminating some of the most common and prolific signs of ageing. Examples of which include fine lines, wrinkles and scarring. Professional skin resurfacing can dramatically improve the appearance and the texture of the skin, restoring a more youthful and radiant look.

Tattoo Removal

Technology from Quanta System opens the door to fast and effective tattoo removal at an affordable price. Powerful light is delivered in short pulses to fragment the ink from the tattoo beneath the skin, which is subsequently eliminated by the body’s natural processes over a period of several weeks.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

A hectic lifestyle in conjunction with the natural ageing process can take a serious toll on your skin. All of which can be exacerbated by exposure to the sun, tobacco use and other unhealthy lifestyle choices. Professional laser skin rejuvenation therapy has the power to turn back time, restoring luminosity and youthfulness.

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal technology now has the capacity to deal with almost any type of unwanted body hair from any area of the body. By completely destroying the follicle beneath the surface of the skin, Quanta System laser technology effectively eliminates the risk of regrowth.

Our experience with Quanta System’s laser technology is unrivalled and we’ll do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations at a price you can afford.  Contact a member of the team at Dr Nathan Holt’s Cambridge Laser Clinic to discuss your requirements in more detail, or to book your free initial consultation.

Suitable for All Skin Types

The precision and safety of the latest laser technology from Quanta System are so advanced that it is suitable for the vast majority of skin types. Even patients with the most sensitive and damaged skin may be able to address a wide variety of issues with our expert laser treatments.

For the benefit of our patients, we tailor the services we provide to suit the exact requirements and budgets of each individual we work with. We go the extra mile to keep costs to absolute minimums and take pride in the quality of the services we provide. What’s more, as an independent clinic owned and operated by doctor and nurses, we’re committed to providing 100% honest, objective and responsible advice at all times.

All initial consultations are provided free of charge, with no obligation or pressure to go ahead. We’ll talk you through the available options to find the perfect treatment to suit your requirements and your budget. Call today for more information, or to book your free initial consultation at our Cambridge Laser Clinic.