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Our Cambridge Laser Clinic offers an extensive range of anti-ageing solutions tailored specifically to your individual needs.

The treatment of fine lines and wrinkles often involves a systematic approach combining procedures to ensure optimal results that significantly and often dramatically reduce the unwanted signs of ageing.

The treatment of superficial skin changes explained:

  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) – used to eliminate the superficial signs of ageing, including freckles, broken capillaries, rosacea and age spots.
  • Hydrafacial– for very fine lines. (This procedure is described in detail within the Hydrafacial section)
  • Skin peels – to even skin texture. (These procedures are described in detail within the AHA and TCA peel sections)
  • Medical grade cosmaceuticals – to freshen the complexion improving skin tone and texture. (Described in detail within the Medical Grade Skin Care Products section)

The treatment of lines and wrinkles explained:

Treatment may involve shaving down the adjacent skin, filling in the wrinkles, relaxing the underlying muscles that are causing the wrinkle or a combination of these treatment methods.

  • Botox – this muscle relaxing injection is used to treat dynamic wrinkles and facial lines produced by repetitive movements of the underlying muscles. (This procedure is described in detail in the Muscle Relaxing Injections section)
  • Restylane or Juvederm – these substances are often used to fill wrinkles and skin folds around the mouth. (This procedure is described in detail in the Cosmetic Injections section)
  • Nd Yag 1320nm laser / Nd Yag 1064nm laser/ PDL 595nm laser – these non-ablative laser systems are used to treat mild to moderate depth static wrinkles present when the underlying muscles are relaxed. Laser energy heats the skin in a controlled manner to produce collagen by stimulating a wound healing response beneath the wrinkle. This acts as a new foundation supporting the wrinkle and smoothing out surface furrows.
  • Er Yag 2940nm and CO2 10600nm laser – these advanced high-powered lasers are used to treat moderate to deep static wrinkles that are present when the underlying muscles are relaxed. Both Er Yag 2940nm and C02 10600nm lasers are available in traditional and fractional modes. Traditional skin resurfacing methods treat the entire skin’s surface removing the upper layers of skin to reveal the fresher more youthful skin beneath. Fractional laser resurfacing only treats part of the skin leaving uninjured skin areas around the treatment site that act as a barrier. The result is a treatment that is more comfortable and requires less downtime than traditional resurfacing, enabling a more rapid return to daily routine. (The procedure is described in detail within the Laser Skin Resurfacing section).

The treatment of sagging skin explained:

Beneath the skin’s surface, the lower layers gradually lose supporting tissue and volume, which causes it to sag under gravity. Two methods are available to address this laxity and loss of shape

1. Radiofrequency, Infrared or HIFU technologies to tighten loose and lax skin
2. Volumisation treatment to replenish lost supporting tissue volume

Radiofrequency (RF), Infrared (IR) or HIFU technologies – these systems can be used to non-surgically tighten loose or lax skin.
RF and IR technologies tighten the skin by two separate processes.

  • Firstly, they have an immediate effect by tightening the supportive framework of the skin (by contraction of collagen fibres and tissue retraction) aiding remodeling and rejuvenation.
  • Secondly, heating the dermis stimulates the body to produce collagen, boosting a healing response. This acts as a new deep foundation for the skin producing further tightening that becomes evident over several months.
    (These procedures are described in detail within the skin tightening section).


Loss of supporting tissue and volume can be addressed using an injectable hyaluronic acid volumiser that adds fullness to areas that need a little more support or enhancement. Volumisers replenishes lost skin volume to regain a youthful curve to the cheeks and can be used to enhance the overall shape of your face.

(This procedure is described in detail within the Cosmetic Injections section)

Because we offer an extensive range of anti-ageing solutions we can truly recommend the treatment that is best suited to you. Whichever procedure we advise, you can be assured that we are not recommending it because it is all we have to offer but because it is the best choice for you.

Our expert medical team has in excess of 30 years experience and have completed more than 150,000 successful treatments. Rest assured you are in safe hands. All procedures at our Cambridge Laser Clinic are performed by fully qualified doctors, nurses and practitioners.

To ensure the highest ethical standards are maintained at all times, our staff are never offered bonus incentives to sell treatments.

Although medical laser clinics are no longer regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission), we continue to adhere to the strict standards that were in the past mandatory under government legislation. This is the best indicator currently available that our Cambridge Laser Clinic is trustworthy.

All consultations are free of charge so why not call our team of experts today?