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how to get rid of spider veins

How to get rid of facial thread veins

Facial thread veins are small, damaged veins that you can see close to the surface of the skin on the face. They are often red, blue or purple in colour and look like thin lines that are branching outwards. They mostly affect people with paler skin tones.

Facial thread veins are harmless, however some people will feel self conscious about their facial thread veins and not like how they look. If you have this condition and want to reduce the look of facial thread veins there are cosmetic laser and IPL treatments that can help.

What is the difference between thread veins and spider veins?

There is no difference between spider veins and thread veins. They are the same thing, but people use different terms to describe them.

What causes facial thread veins?

There are varied reasons why people get these veins so It can be difficult to accurately assess what has caused them to appear. 

Some people may have a genetic predisposition to having facial thread veins. For other people lifestyle factors can play a role, such as drinking a lot of caffeine, alcohol or eating spicy foods. 

Exposure to harsh weather conditions and the excessive use of steroid creams can also make facial thread veins more visible. People who have autoimmune diseases may also suffer with facial thread veins.

Can facial spider veins go away on their own?

In very rare circumstances spider veins on the face have gone away without treatment. In most cases spider veins that are left without treatment do often start to look worse over time. 

If you want to get rid of your facial thread veins for cosmetic purposes the best way to achieve results is with treatment by a medically qualified professional.

What is the best treatment for facial thread veins?

At Cambridge Laser clinic we use a combination of different lasers to successfully get rid of these veins for our patients. 

The V Beam is the most peer reviewed laser ever manufactured and has 2 lasers technologies (Perfecta & Prima) within the range. We are 1 of only 4 clinics in the UK to own the more advanced Prima platform, 50% more powerful than the baby brother Perfecta with 2 Primary Cavity Lasers – PDL 595nm and Nd YAG 1064nm. For optimal results the best technology must be coupled with a highly skilled advanced laser operator. All vascular treatments at our clinic are performed personally either by Dr Nathan Holt or Sofia Osbourne our Rosacea Laser Nurse Specialist.

We initially identify the correct treatment or combination of treatments that will work to eradicate your facial thread veins by assessing each patient individually, taking into account how the veins present on each patient and their skin type.

This assessment will determine the best course of action for us to get you the best results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The team at Cambridge Laser Clinic have delivered over 20,000 successful procedures to date. We offer free no obligations consultations, so if you would like to find out how we can help you treat facial spider veins we would welcome you to get in touch.