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stretch mark reduction in cambridge

Improve the appearance of stretch marks with laser treatment

Our bodies go through a lot, and sometimes in the process of life we are left with marks and scars that we may find unsightly. When our bodies go through a period of rapid growth we can be left with stretch marks.

Some people will find their stretch marks unsightly and want to get rid of them. At Cambridge Laser Clinic we have the technology to treat stretch marks and give patients their confidence back.

What causes stretch marks?

As the name infers stretch marks are the results of the skin stretching. This can happen when we go through puberty as the body grows before the skin can stretch. It happens commonly to women when they are pregnant. The skin stretches to accommodate the baby and can leave unsightly stretch marks around the stomach and thigh areas. In some instances stretch marks can also be a result of overeating and gaining a large amount of weight in a short period of time. 

What do stretch marks look like?

Stretch marks look like lines or streaks across the skin, they can be pink, red, brown, black, purple or look silver in colour. They usually start off darker in colour and begin to fade over time. Many people who have a lot of stretch marks often feel embarrassed by how they look and feel emotional distress due to their stretch marks.

Can laser treatment get rid of my stretch marks?

Unfortunately there isn’t a treatment that can completely get rid of stretch marks, however laser treatment can vastly improve the look and appearance of them. At Cambridge Laser Clinic we have had many happy patients who have been delighted with the results we have been able to achieve with laser treatment, that has reduced the look of their stretch marks. 

How do lasers reduce the look of stretch marks?

We treat 2 kinds of stretch mark – Newer “Red” & Older “White / Silver”

Red stretch marks are treated with PDL 595nm lasers to remove the unwanted red vascular markings 

White or Silver stretch marks are treated with a combination of Microneedling and Er YAG 2940nm Fractional resurfacing. Scar tissue is broken down, existing collagen is aligned and new collagen and elastin stimulated to build a new supportive foundation.

Our lasers can usually reduce the look of stretch marks dramatically.

Why Choose Cambridge Laser Clinic?

All our practitioners are medically qualified and trained to the highest standards to ensure patient comfort and safety in everything we do. If you would like to take advantage of a free consultation, we would be happy to welcome you into the clinic and advise you on the results you can expect to achieve if you wish to reduce the look of stretch marks.