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The Social Media Effect – The Impact of Social Media on Personal Image

We can all agree that social media has become a key part of life; whether you’re communicating with friends or sharing photos of your recent holiday, stalking celebs or sharing memes, social media has a hold on everyone. Of course, there are a lot of benefits that come with being on social media. It allows you to connect with friends, family, businesses and brands with the touch of a button. It’s a way to find new products, try new things and get your creative juices flowing. It’s how a lot of people express themselves, and it’s how others showcase their lives to the world. However, there is a darker side of social media, and that relates to its impact on personal image.

The social media effect relates to various social media platforms’ impact on your happiness and satisfaction. Though browsing social media can be an enjoyable activity, it often leads to feelings of anxiety, stress, loneliness and dissatisfaction. This is because a lot of people portray a perfect and ideal life online, and it’s easy to feel as though yours is inadequate if it doesn’t match up. This is especially true when it comes to personal image and how you perceive yourself.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on social media, your personal image is hugely public. Your personal image is there for others to see and comment on, and there’s no shortage of people to compare yourself to. There are endless profiles with seemingly perfect-looking people with their seemingly perfect lives, and it’s easy to become disillusioned with what is real. With filters and photo editing, everyone can showcase a flawless personal image.

2023’s Most Popular Laser Treatments Online

There are a lot of different laser treatments to be found online, but some are more popular than others. Below, we have listed some of the most in-demand treatments for 2023, many of which have gained popularity due to the social media effect.

  • Laser Hair RemovalIf you ask anyone to name a popular laser treatment, they will probably say laser hair removal. It’s a treatment that has been around for a while but hasn’t stopped growing in popularity; excuse the pun! Laser hair removal works by directing a pulse of light towards the skin, which is then turned into heat when it comes into contact with the hair follicle. This heat damages the follicle, removing the hair and preventing more from growing in its place. It’s a quick and simple way of achieving long-term hair removal. 
  • Laser Tattoo RemovalTattoos are a fantastic way of expressing yourself, but it’s not uncommon to regret your choice of artwork further down the line. Luckily, tattoos are no longer the permanent inkings they once were, and laser tattoo removal removes them completely. Laser tattoo removal works by breaking down the ink pigments on the skin, which reduces how bright and bold the tattoo is. Over time, the energy from the laser dissolves the ink into small pigments, which the body can then remove naturally. The ink will gradually begin to fade until it has completely disappeared.
  • Snoring Laser Treatment There is no denying the impact snoring can have on your quality of sleep, as well as the quality of sleep of those around you. Though there are a fair few snoring treatments out there, laser treatment is one of the most effective. It works by targeting the mucosa lining of the oral cavity, and the laser causes very small scars to form. This results in fibrosis of the soft palate and uvula, making them stronger and much more stable, reducing snoring. When the soft palate and uvula are stronger, they resist the airflow causing snoring, which reduces the sound.
  • Fungal Nail Laser TreatmentVarious fungal organisms cause nail infections, and they can be a pain to get rid of. Many fungal nail treatments fail to work, and serious infections can become painful. However, laser treatment is an effective fungal nail treatment that’s worth considering. It works by directing short pulses of energy onto the nail, which destroys the fungus. It does this without damaging the nail, and it’s possible to have removed the entire infection within three to five laser treatment sessions.
  • Acne and Acne Scarring Laser Treatment – Laser technology can be used to treat acne and reduce the signs of acne scarring. When the laser is directed onto an acne flare-up, the light kills the bacteria that causes the infection. Not only does this reduce the appearance of spots and prevent new ones from forming, but it stimulates collagen production, which helps with the healing process. Using laser treatment, it’s possible to combat acne spots and reduce the amount of scarring, creating smoother and clearer skin.
  • Pigment Laser Treatment Lasers can be used to treat a variety of pigment problems, including brown age spots, freckles, café-au-lait spots and melasma. By targeting the affected area with a specialist laser, it’s possible to destroy the darker pigmentation without damaging the surrounding skin. The pigment absorbs the light from the laser and turns it into heat, which causes the pigmentation to break up and disappear.

Laser Treatments at Cambridge Laser Clinic

At Cambridge Laser Clinic, we have a whole host of laser treatments for you to choose from. Whether you are unhappy about the amount of unwanted body hair you have or have acne scarring that you want to hide, laser treatment is an effective and worthwhile option. A lot of people underestimate how varied and versatile laser treatment is, but there are plenty of cosmetic problems that can be improved using specialist laser technology. To find out more, get in touch with one of our specialists.