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COVID closed my clinic: Treatments on lockdown

The COVID 19 pandemic has not been easy for any of us. And though the initial wave of panic buying and adjusting to a new ‘normal’ has passed its peak, we have a number of patients out there in the middle of laser treatment courses with new concerns bubbling at the surface.

From laser tattoo removal to skin resurfacing, acne or scar treatment, as lockdown drags on we have seen a great many patients wondering what this means for their results.

Will the benefits of your treatment reverse? Are there any actions you can take to help maintain those results or tide you over until your laser treatment course can resume?

With this article, we’ll cover some of our main treatments and aim to answer those questions.


Laser tattoo removal

Firstly – no, you will not see a reversal in the removal of your tattoo.

Laser specialists will always stage your tattoo removal sessions at intervals so that your skin has appropriate time to recover. Patients tend to be treated every 4 to 12 weeks, and it is important to keep in mind that a longer break between treatment sessions won’t negatively affect how successful the treatment is.

All you need to know is that the sooner you can reschedule your next laser sessions, the quicker we can remove that unwanted tattoo for good.


Acne and scar removal

Typically, a pause in your laser treatments for acne or scar removal will not adversely affect anything. You should be able to pick things back up from where you left off and still see the same results progressively.

In Cambridge, acne treatment is a condition we have heard a lot of worries over, especially among those struggling to adapt to the limiting lifestyle of lockdown.

Whether you’re in the middle of acne or scar treatment, Cambridge Laser Clinic’s most valuable advice is to look after your skin the best you can – check out our blog on at-home skin rejuvenation for more on that.


Rosacea treatment

Rosacea sufferers might experience additional flare-ups during the lockdown, though rest assured this is not owing to the temporary halt on your treatments.

A rosacea flare-up is most likely to be caused by simple daily stress or poor eating habits. Do your best to maintain a state of zen-like calmness, feed your body right with healthy, nutritional foods, and force yourself to get a suitable amount of regular exercise – these preventative methods should help you get by.

Of course, these are not cures for rosacea, but they will help you keep the Red Face at bay until your laser treatment course can resume.


Thread vein removal

The main thing to focus on is your awareness – as long as your thread veins do not develop into varicose veins, there is nothing to worry about.

You will not see any thread vein which has been removed through laser treatment return, but it is possible for other veins to become thread veins. As long as these spider veins are not growing in size and causing bulges in your skin, they will be fine until you can book another treatment.

Your best bet at preventing any further thread vein development is to keep as active as possible, take regular breaks from the computer (especially if you’re working from home!) and eat a balanced diet.


Laser skin resurfacing

Again, as with any laser treatment, you will not see a reversal of the progress caused by your treatments to date.

As with all these treatments, laser skin resurfacing is performed at intervals to allow your skin to recover and your body’s natural healing to do what it does best. The results are immediate and progressive.

Short of doing everything you can to maintain healthy skin, there is not much to be done for those waiting for their next skin resurfacing appointment.




To summarise, due to the nature of laser treatments, you will never see your condition worsen due to a pause in your treatment plan.

We are releasing a number of blog posts to try and help with more specific cases and provide you with all the information you need to assuage any worries you might have and help you make it through these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns that we have not touched on. At Cambridge Laser Clinic, we do everything we can to ensure active and honest communication with our patients, and will keep each and every one of you updated as to when your course of laser treatment can resume.