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The Best Treatments and Remedies for Dark Under-Eye Circles

At Cambridge Laser Clinic, we understand that dark circles under your eyes can make you feel very self-conscious about your appearance. 

Veins typically cause dark under-eye circles underneath the eyes or hyperpigmentation. The good news is that we can provide you with quality options and long-lasting results that will help to minimise the appearance of dark under-eye circles whilst boosting your confidence at the same time.

What are dark circles, and why do they appear?

Dark circles are areas underneath the eyes that look a lot darker than the rest of the skin on the face. 

Dark circles are different to bruising or injury and are usually not considered a serious medical problem. However, we understand that dark circles can produce insecurities, especially when you have tried at-home or over-the-counter methods in the past to reduce their appearance.

For most people, dark circles appear as a sign of tiredness or due to hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a condition where skin patches appear darker compared to other body areas. 

Dark brown circles emerge when melanin, the pigment that gives skin its natural colour, collects in deposits. It then results in dark patches, which can be more severe depending on your genetics, allergies, or likelihood of developing infections.

Dark circles can also appear as purple hues that become more visible when the skin underneath the eyes thins. These circles are purple as they show the colour of the veins below the skin. 

Do I have to undergo surgery to reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles?

Whilst dark circles can be reduced by changing your sleeping pattern and drinking more water, these remedies only go so far, so experts often recommend aesthetic treatments or surgery. 

Whilst dark circles can appear in various ways, surgery is usually recommended for those whose under-eye rings are more exaggerated due to excess skin or fat around the eye area. 

The cosmetic surgery used to reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles is called blepharoplasty. It usually takes around 1 to 3 hours to complete and will require recovery time afterwards.

Surgery is a big decision and makes a lot of people feel anxious. At The Cambridge Laser Clinic and Bodywork Clinic, we also offer non-surgical techniques to help our clients achieve their goals. We recommend dermal fillers, chemical peels, and laser treatments for reducing dark under-eye circles. 

Non-surgical procedures are more affordable and require very little recovery time. They also produce very natural-looking results and include far fewer risks than surgery performed under general anaesthetic. 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are widely used to correct purple under-eye circles. This process involves injecting a compound such as hyaluronic acid under the eyes to prevent any further thinning. Dermal fillers are a great way to boost volume and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

However, it is worth noting that this aesthetic treatment is temporary and will usually last between 6 to 9 months before the injected compound is absorbed. Fillers are an excellent option for those looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye but not for those who want to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. 

This is because dermal fillers are not effective in treating hyperpigmentation. Instead, a chemical peel or laser treatment will be recommended. 

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use acids of various concentrations to target certain areas of the skin. They are well known for reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation by removing the outermost layer of skin on the body, also known as the epidermis. 

Chemical peels are a popular choice for the treatment of under-eye hyperpigmentation. They remove damaged skin cells allowing the skin to heal smoothly with a minimal colour change or scarring. They are also a great option if you want to improve the texture and tone of your skin. With repeated treatments, you will begin to see noticeable changes.

We offer many chemical peel types that can help treat pigmentary disorders, scars, sun damage, and keratosis. 

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are a beneficial option for those who want to reduce the appearance of dark, sagging under-eye skin without going under the knife. This form of treatment offers quick results and a very short recovery time. 

It is recommended for younger patients and those with unilateral proptosis. Compared to surgical procedures, laser treatments, specifically the Exilis Ultra 360, are a safe and pain-free skin tightening method that can help to reduce the appearance of dark and loose under-eye circles. 

Alternative Remedies

If you are interested in reducing the appearance of under-eye circles but are unsure about opting for aesthetic treatments, our team is more than happy to talk you through your options. 

To help reduce swelling or further darkening of under-eye circles, we also recommend using a cold compress under the eyes, which will reduce puffiness. In addition to this, it would be useful to ensure you are sleeping around 7 to 9 hours each night. 

There are also lots of skincare creams and lotions on the market specifically targeted to reduce under-eye circles. While some of these can be effective, it is worth researching before buying any new products. 

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