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Aesthetics in Cambridge: Book a Free Consultation With Our Experts Today

Aesthetics in Cambridge: Book a Free Consultation With Our Experts Today 

If you’re looking to combat the signs of ageing or are keen to refresh and rejuvenate your skin, you may be turning to Google to search for ‘aesthetics in Cambridge’. At Cambridge Laser Clinic, we provide an impressive range of aesthetic treatments to those in and around the local area, as well as those who are willing to travel further afield for professional results. Instead of feeling as though you are in a losing battle with your looks, take some time to read about one of our many professional treatments.

What are Aesthetic Treatments?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that aesthetic treatments are similar to cosmetic surgery, but this isn’t technically the case. Though the aim of aesthetics is to improve your appearance – like cosmetic surgery – aesthetic treatments focus on improving physical appearance and combating the signs of ageing. Treatments are completely non-surgical, which means they have a quick recovery time or no recovery time.

Aesthetics are often referred to as cosmetic treatments, all of which focus on improving your appearance in one way or another. With aesthetics, the aim is always to improve your appearance in an effective and noticeable way, without the need for surgery. This could be by reducing these signs of ageing, rejuvenating tired skin or simply giving skin a much-needed refresh. There are also some aesthetic treatments that change the way you look, such as dermal fillers.

Though a lot of aesthetic treatments are designed with the face in mind, they can still be applied to other areas of the body. At Cambridge Laser Clinic, our treatments can be tailored for use on almost any area, including your neck and neckline. There are also cosmetic treatments that are designed to treat excessive sweating, scars, skin tags, veins and acne.

Popular Aesthetic Treatments in Cambridge

You will only need to spend a minute or two researching aesthetics to see just how many treatments are available. At Cambridge Laser Clinic, we provide a full range of options. This means you can come to us, regardless of whether you are trying to combat the signs of ageing or want to give your skin a much-needed glow.

Below, we have listed some of the most popular aesthetic treatments in Cambridge. Of course, there are also many more, but by speaking to one of our specialists, you can narrow your options and choose the ideal treatment.

  • Chemical Peels – There are a variety of chemical peel options available, all of which work by removing the top layer of skin. With the top layer of skin removed, wrinkles and dullness are reduced, and skin tone is improved. It’s a popular aesthetic treatment for those who want to refresh and rejuvenate the overall appearance of their skin.
  • Dermal Fillers – As we age, the volume in the face and lips slowly reduces, which can make us look older than we are. Dermal fillers work by restoring this volume, by filling up the gaps, to reduce the obvious signs of this happening. Doing so reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can ‘plump’ up thinning lips. It’s a popular aesthetic treatment for both anti-ageing and cosmetic reasons. 
  • Botox Injections – Botox is one of the most well-known aesthetic treatments, and this is because it can be used in a number of ways. By blocking signals to certain nerves and preventing the muscles from contracting, Botox can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Botox can also be used to treat excessive sweating, neck spasms and an overactive bladder.
  • Hair Removal – Unwanted body hair is a problem for many people, which is why laser hair removal is a popular aesthetic treatment in Cambridge and across the country. It boasts results that last far longer than waxing and shaving, meaning you won’t find yourself needing to tackle unwanted body hair regularly.
  • Skin Resurfacing – Skin resurfacing is a laser treatment that aims to improve the appearance of the skin’s surface on the face. It reverses the signs of scarring, sun exposure, ageing and general skin damage. This is a popular aesthetic treatment due to the fact that it reduces the signs of a multitude of things, creating a fresher and improved skin surface.
  • Pigmentation Treatment – Many people want to remove brown or darker spots – such as age spots and freckles – on their skin, which is where pigmentation treatment comes in. Using specialist lasers, darker spots on the skin can be dispersed and removed. Not only does this improve the appearance of the skin, but it removes any self-esteem issues that may arise from unwanted darker patches of skin.

As you can see, there is an aesthetic treatment in Cambridge for almost everyone. There are treatments designed to remove unwanted body hair, as well as those designed to plump up lips. Aesthetics covers everything from skin pigmentation and resurfacing to Botox injections and skin tightening, and so much more.

Though some aesthetic treatments are more common than others, all of them create impressive and noticeable results. Before choosing your treatment and getting started, speak to one of our experts about what to expect. They will be able to advise you on the results you can expect and whether multiple courses of treatment will be needed. 

Book a Free Aesthetic Consultation Today

If you’re interested in undergoing aesthetic services in Cambridge, then we’re here to help. At Cambridge Laser Clinic, we offer a whole host of unbeatable services, ranging from laser treatments to chemical peels. Regardless of what you are looking for or the cosmetic problem you want to resolve, you can rely on our team to provide a reassuring and professional service.

We can help you work out what treatment will be best for whatever it is you want to achieve. Get in touch with one of our specialists to find out more about any of the aesthetic services available at Cambridge Laser Clinic.