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Cambridge Laser Clinic – Artists of Aesthetics

Here at the Cambridge Laser Clinic, we understand that aesthetic procedures are a science and an art.

Aesthetics is a unique branch of medicine which starts where the beauty salon finishes and ends when the surgeon cuts you with a knife. We do everything in between these extremes with a wealth of finesse and compassion.

Leading by example and never compromising on integrity, Dr Nathan Holt still chooses to remain on the front lines of his service and the treatments provided by Cambridge Laser Clinic.

Assembling the experts

As with any enterprise, teamwork is critical to success. No one individual can truly go it alone. Dr Nathan Holt realised early on that assembling a team of experts each with a diverse range of specialist interests was the best way to ensure the highest standards of treatment could be provided to the public.

And as with any team, knowledge or ability alone is not everything, a team also needs commitment to the highest levels of service above all its values. The team at Cambridge Laser Clinic always places the best interests of the client first and is dedicated to maintaining the highest codes of ethical conduct at all times.

Cambridge Laser Clinic is a team of medical professionals with in excess of 25 years laser experience, over one hundred thousand successful procedures behind them and an innate ability to make each patient feel welcomed and at ease.

Equipped for success

For any laser clinic to produce superior clinical the experts would need the most advanced laser technologies.

This simple belief became a guiding ethos as the Cambridge Laser Clinic evolved over the years, one which has lead to a resolute refusal to compromise on the quality of their lasers.

Dr Nathan Holt and his team purchased their laser equipment from the world’s leading laser manufacturers, which includes Candela, Cynosure, Alma , Asclepion and Quanta

It is through this cutting-edge technology that many of today’s more popular procedures have evolved. It is thanks to the avenues these innovative lasers have opened that laser treatment has become such a viable and attractive proposal for so many.

It is also a truth of medical lasers that no single laser system is a master of all procedures. A wide range of equipment is always needed to ensure superior results. This means any laser clinic hoping to offer something truly spectacular simply must posses the most advanced laser technologies.

Our lasers have been specially selected for their versatility, variety and capability to ensure that only the pinnacle of performance and results await patients at the Cambridge Laser Clinic.

Affordable, rigorous and empathic

Another guiding principle of the Cambridge Laser Clinic is that professionalism and reputable service need not break the bank. Dr Nathan Holt has crafted here an independent clinic owned by the doctors, nurses and practitioners who deliver the treatments.

This means the middle man can be effectively cut from the equation, thereby allowing for the highest standards of quality treatments at the best conceivable prices. Maximum value at affordable rates is and always has been a primary goal of the team.

And, unlike the stereotypical figurehead, Dr Holt remains entrenched in the daily goings-on of his clinic, on-site delivering medical laser procedures at least 4 days a week and ensuring the highest standards are always achieved.

Though October 1st 2010 saw the passing of legislation which meant medical laser clinics were no longer regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission), thereby allowing cosmetic use of lasers and some surgical treatments without regulation, Holt ensures the Cambridge Laser Clinic adheres still to their strict standards.

The CQC is there to enforce the highest standards are kept for medical practitioners and, while no longer mandatory, Holt and his team believe firmly in its principles and the trustworthiness instilled by them.

But beyond and above their affordability and ethical conduct is heart. Dr Nathan Holt and his team understand how appearance impacts the way you feel. This is a team who grasp the complexities of each patient in greater terms than symptoms alone. It’s a team dedicated to treating you as an individual, providing you with the time and attention to put you completely at ease with the procedures ahead.

The Cambridge Laser Clinic offers free consultations with no obligations if you decide laser treatment is not for you. Every patient has this free opportunity to discuss their condition with one of our friendly, dedicated Doctors and Nurses, where all your concerns and desires can be outlined in detail, broken down to discern the best path for you.

Dr Nathan Holt and his team are passionate about providing you with all you need to make an informed decision during these face to face consultations, and adopt a position of full transparency and discretion with every client entrusted to their care.

The right course for you

In every sense of the words, Cambridge Laser Clinic aims to always provide the right course for you.

Their staff are never offered bonus incentives to sell treatments, ensuring patient interests always remain at the top of their priorities. And thanks to a wide array of lasers, over a quarter of a century’s experience, a comprehensive range of procedures and bespoke treatment packages available, you can be assured that any procedure recommended is being offered as the best fit for you, not the only option.

If you’d like to arrange your free consultation, contact us today to begin your journey to a happier you.