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Medical Laser Equipment – The 4 Core Truths

Owing to the varied complexity of laser treatments available, it is critical to choose a laser clinic for your procedure with more than just dedicated experts on hand. A key ingredient in successful treatments is the laser equipment used.

As a master craftsman needs suitable tools, so too do the best laser technicians.

It is only thanks to the extraordinary leaps and bounds in technology development that we have so many aesthetic procedures available to us nowadays. Cutting edge lasers have opened the doors to the treatment of a number of skin conditions never before thought possible, and to a level of precision previously unimaginable.

Unfortunately, once those doors are open and the results recorded, imitations become abundant. This is why we have pulled together an article to present you with everything you need to know about the laser equipment used by specialists and dedicated medical doctors for everything from laser tattoo removal to Rosacea treatment, Facial Thread Veins and Scar removal.

The 4 core truths of medical lasers

When it comes to medical lasers, there are 4 facts which hold resolutely true.

Firstly, no single laser is a master of all possible procedures. The reality is that a wide array of laser platforms are often required if we are to achieve the highest quality of results. In the case of tattoo ink, as an example, different colours of ink need to be treated with different laser wavelengths. If you have a design you want removing which contains all the colours of the rainbow, your treatment will need at least 3 different laser technologies.

Using multiple laser systems enables your specialist to efficiently select the optimal wavelengths, spot sizes, pulse widths and fluences. All of which simply means practical precision. The right tool for the right job.

Truth number two is that not all laser systems are created equal. There are top of the range lasers guaranteed to delight and there are atrocious examples which produce remarkably inferior results. Here at the Cambridge Laser Clinic, we reject inferior, low-cost equipment and instead source our lasers from the world’s leading manufacturers, which includes Candela, Cynosure, Alma , Asclepion and Quanta

When considering laser treatment, find yourself a clinic who refuse to compromise on the quality of their equipment. A laser clinic which invests heavily in the latest and greatest technology is making a statement about their commitment to providing the highest calibre of service, and thereby far more likely to also possess the skills these machines demand.

Don’t forget to check the practitioner’s credibility though, just because their equipment is top of the line. Do your due diligence, however, and you can’t go wrong.

The third truth is that IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) systems are typically far less effective for any given task than a laser. While IPL systems have their uses, they will simply never outperform a laser for a given task.

And finally, as with much in this life, you get what you pay for. However, this does not mean breaking the bank. At Cambridge Laser Clinic, we believe we have set the benchmark for reasonable costs and superior results.

Our laser Technologies

Here we will aim to highlight our selection of lasers along with a handful of typical uses for the more popular procedures offered at our laser clinic.

Because we offer the full range of laser, IPL, RF and LED technologies, we can proudly guarantee that the treatment options selected for any of our patients is the best suited for their specific needs. We are utilising them because they are the perfect choice not because it is all we have to offer.

Our range of vascular lasers include the Pulsed Dye 595nm V Beam Perfecta by Candela. This is the worlds most peer reviewed laser and is regarded by leading experts as the “Gold Standard” laser treatment for Rosacea, Port Wine Stains, Post Inflammatory Erythema (PIE) and Red Stretch Marks.

We also utilise the Cynosure Elite Plus Nd YAG 1064nm Laser. This versatile technology possesses a huge range of spot sizes (24mm down to 1.5mm) , a wide range of pulse widths and is capable of delivering very high fluences. It is our laser of choice for treating discrete Facial and Leg Thread Veins ranging in colour from deep-red to purple and blue. It is also highly effective for the removal of unwanted Spider Naevi, Cherry Angiomas and Venous Lakes.

We also treat discrete small bright-red Facial Thread Veins with the Asclepion QuadroStar Pro KTP 532 LP laser.

Pigmented lesions, including age spots or liver spots, freckles and Cafe au lait spots are treated either with the Cynosure Elite Plus Alex 755nm LP Laser (if the lesion is of high contrast), the Quanta Ruby 694nm Q Switched or Quanta KTP 532nm OP laser (if the lesion is of medium contrast) or (for lesions of low contrast) the most aggressive Quanta KTP 532nm Q Switched laser. The Quanta Nd YAG 1064nm Q Switched Laser can also be used to treat resistant Melasma that fails to respond to topical Hydroquinones and Retinoids.

Our Q switched lasers are also the optimal choice for tattoo removal. Dark blue and black ink responds well to the Quanta Nd YAG 1064nm Q Switched Laser, sky blue and green pigments to the Quanta Ruby 694nm Q Switched Laser and red, orange and purple ink to the Quanta KTP 532nm Q switched Laser

Skin Resurfacing options to treat acne, traumatic or surgical scars, sun damage or chronological ageing at our clinic include the Er YAG 2940nm MCL31 Dermablate manufacture by Asclepion and the CO2 10,600nm CO2RE laser produced by Candela.

Further Reading

We have tried to avoid as many technical terms as possible in this article in the hopes of providing clear and concise information to help you understand the options ahead on your treatment journey. It is our hope that this has been helpful in broadening your understanding of what to expect.

However, for those with a desire for more specific details on our lasers, you can find a wealth of further knowledge on our website.