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A Complete Guide to Summer Skincare: 8 Tips For Success

Have you ever noticed how some people manage to have clear, gorgeous, glowing skin no matter the season? Even in summer?

You might be thinking it’s a natural perk for some. Maybe you think they just have a great routine and know how to stick to it. But it’s rarely that simple.

The truth is, most people have to work hard to get beautiful skin. And in the summer, that means working a little harder. But if you know the tricks to maintain what you’ve worked so hard for through winter and spring, you can sit back and let your skincare routine do its thing.

Summer skincare can vary considerably from what we’re used to. This is because our skin is exposed to warmer, drier weather, more sunshine, and occasionally more humid conditions – it really all depends on where you live.

Many of us believe that summer means oily skin, so skip the moisturiser. Or that all you need to do is wear SPF and you’re sorted.

That’s not the case. In fact, much of your skincare routine should stay the same throughout the year. You should only be looking at a few tweaks to account for environmental changes. All you’ve got to do is know your stuff.


1. Simplify Your Skincare Routine

Just like your wardrobe, your skincare routine doesn’t need to be quite as heavy-duty in the summer.

The key is balance. In warmer weather, the heat tends to help your skin to sweat and turn over skin cells. But that sweat can also build up, making your skin feel dirtier and clogging your pores. Even more so if you sweat off your make-up.

The compromise is to shift to a lighter cleanser, that’s still gentle and caring for your skin. A nice foaming one is always a good move. The key is choosing one that doesn’t contain the heavier oils and creams you might normally turn to in the colder months.


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2. Don’t Skip the Moisturiser Altogether

Just because you’re sweatier than usual (or oilier), that doesn’t mean you can leave the moisturiser out of your routine.

In fact, it makes it all the more important – even for oily skin types, and especially if you have dry skin.

It all comes down to the real purpose of moisturisers.

It’s a common misconception that they hydrate your skin. In fact, the purpose of moisturisers is to re-establish the skin’s natural barrier to help keep moisture in. This barrier protects your skin from pollutants, dirt, chemicals and all kinds of things that can lead to irritation.

And of course, if you’re already investing in hydrating serums, then your moisturiser locks in their goodness and helps them get to work.


3. Choose a Dual-Purpose Moisturiser

Even with the best will in the world, the idea of wearing a heavy moisturiser, and then a heavy SPF30 sunscreen on top before stepping out into the blazing sunshine… Well, you’d have to be an angel to not resent that.

The best chemical sunscreens can be lightweight, but when it’s warmer outside, do yourself a favour; save the fuss and opt for a lighter, dual-purpose moisturiser instead.

There are plenty of moisturisers you can incorporate into your routine that already contain SPF30 or above.

In fact, many of the heavier creams and moisturisers suitable during the winter and in cooler weather can do more harm than good in the summer. This is because they can clog your pores, leading to inflammation and breakouts – especially if you have oily skin.

Reducing the number of products you’re applying can prevent this problem. The only difference is that it won’t last all day. You’ll still need to reapply every 2 hours to ensure you’re fully protected from the sun.


4. Get On Board With Vitamin C

For an assortment of reasons, Vitamin C is important to invest in throughout the year, no matter the weather. However, in the summer, it works a little harder to help your skin retain its glow.

Since one of the main functions of Vitamin C is preventative – as in, it helps to prevent hyperpigmentation and the formation of fine lines – you might have already figured out why it’s so important in the sun.

Simply put, the sun is one of the biggest causes of damage to your skin. And the way that damage occurs is usually visible as pigmentation and fine lines. Vitamin C can help to produce more collagen and prevent these problems from occurring before they begin.


5.Exfoliating Is Still Important

While over-exfoliating is never wise, summer is a great time to incorporate more exfoliation into your skincare routine. This is especially important if your skin is oily.

We don’t necessarily mean you should exfoliate every day. But gradually increasing the number of days you do, say from 3 to 5 days a week, will have the right kind of results.

As always, we’d recommend a chemical exfoliant such as an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) over a physical exfoliant; these can be left on and will work harder to clear your blocked pores and slough away dead skin cells without causing damage.

Keep in mind though, chemical exfoliants can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. As such, sunscreen is more important than ever.


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6. Switch to Non-Comedogenic Make-Up

Not every brand of make-up will label their products as non-comedogenic. However, a quick Google search can often clear things up, and help you find the best non-comedogenic products for you.

Often, make-up that’s recommended or even specifically made for oily skin will be lighter and non-comedogenic for one simple reason; for oilier people, it would slide right off otherwise.

Make-up that doesn’t clog your pores will allow your skin to breathe, no matter how warm those summer days get. You’re less likely to sweat it off, and in turn, less likely to find it’s blocking your pores when it comes to washing it off.


7. Swear by Sunscreen

If there’s only one tip on this whole list that you take to heart, make it this: always wear sunscreen.

You can invest all the money in the world into the finest products that use the very best ingredients… and still find your skin struggles if you don’t protect it from the sun.

It goes without saying that sunscreen is even more important in the summer; the warmer weather tends to draw us outside and directly into the path of UV rays, after all. A broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF30 is, as always, our recommendation to ensure you’re as protected as you can be.

And remember, sunscreen goes everywhere, not just on the face. That means, hands, feet, lips, the tips of your ears – everywhere. RE-apply every two hours to make sure you’re optimally protected.


8. Stay in the shade.

Even if you’re wearing sunscreen, staying in the shade is a safer bet to take care of your skin in the summer.

Wearing clothing that protects you from the sun, such as sunglasses and hats, is a great idea, but we know it’s warm and it can be an unpleasant thought to wear long sleeves and trousers in such temperatures.

Instead, invest in an umbrella if you’re on the beach or even in the garden. And try to expose your body to as little sun as possible – even if protected.