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Removing Facial Thread Veins and Treating Pigment Problems

Thread veins and pigmentation problems are among the most regularly requested procedures in aesthetics.

Thread veins, aka ‘Spider Veins’ or by the formal designation of ‘Telangiectasia’, are tiny broken veins which can be seen on the skin, most commonly on the legs and face, often occurring around the nose, cheeks or eyelids.

These undesirable imperfections typically present in shades of red, purple or blue, and often strike clients with pale or fairer skin.

It can be comparatively challenging to pinpoint a precise reason for the development of thread veins. Some studies indicate a genetic predisposition, while others support causes triggered by sun and weather exposure, pregnancy, food, injuries or other similar catalysts.

Pigment problems present as unsightly blemishes that commonly take the form of brown age spots, aka ‘liver spots’ or ‘lentigos’, freckles, Melasma and Café-au-lait spots. Each appears as concentrations of darker skin in varying tones ranging from a distinct dark brown to a light, milky coffee or greyish colour.

The most common cause of these type of pigment problem is sun exposure triggering a melanin build-up in frequently exposed regions of the body.

Regardless of which blight ails you, lasers are a proven ideal choice of treatment thanks to their ability to target any afflicted areas with precision and minimal collateral damage.

How does the treatment work?

Treatment for both facial thread veins and general pigment problems rely on the selective absorption of specific wavelengths of laser light by the desired target. Our advanced lasers are able to specifically target and eradicate melanin (the darker areas of brown pigmentation) or, in the case of thread veins haemoglobin, (the blood) within the vessel.

The light energy from the lasers is selectively absorbed, causing the blood vessels to heat up, collapse and dissolve, and in the case of pigmentation, resulting in the melanin to breaking up and dispersing.

The beauty of each treatment lies in the ability for remarkably accurate targeting the unwanted lesion, which guarantees minimal or no collateral damage to the surrounding skin.

What to expect

Before embarking on any treatment course, Cambridge Laser Clinic strongly advise booking a consultation to discuss your case and iron out the best treatment for you. Consultations are essential to ensure an accurate diagnosis and the exclusion of any problems associated with more serious underlying conditions, such as melanoma.

Should you wish to book a doctor consultation at our laser clinic, we offer them absolutely free of charge. You can contact us here.

Discomfort associated with these laser treatments have been likened by past clients to the snap of a light rubber band or having a hair plucked.

Thread vein clients will notice some redness (like sunburn) immediately after the procedure. This typically settles spontaneously within days. The vein may darken and look more visible for 5-10 days post procedure due to coagulation and then fade out over the next 4-8 weeks.

Pigmentation clients can also expect mild swelling, and redness surrounding the treated area. The lesions will temporarily darken and often exfoliate at 5-10 days following treatment.

Following both procedures you can resume most normal activities, however, clients should be especially cautious of an added sensitivity to sunlight. We recommend avoiding sun exposure of the treated areas and utilising sun block, as recommended by the clinic.

Diffuse redness and pigmentation problems usually require a course of 2 to 4 procedures at monthly intervals for optimal results. Clients with discrete thread veins will typically require 1 or 2 treatment sessions spaced at monthly intervals.


Here at the Cambridge Laser Clinic, our pricing model for treatment of thread veins and pigmentation problems follows matching increments based on the area treated.

Area to be treated

Price per Session

Very minor

(nose thread veins / pigmentation areas 2cm x 2cm)

From £150


(cheek thread veins / pigmentation areas 5cm x 5cm)

From £200


(cheek and nose thread veins / pigmentation areas 10cm x 10cm)

From £250


(cheeks, nose and chin thread veins / pigmentation areas larger than 10cm x 10cm)

From £300

We perform test patches at a cost of £50.

Of course, as treatments should always be bespoke to your individual needs, we cannot quote a more precise figure, though anyone considering either of these procedures can contact us to arrange their free, no obligation consultation.

Further Reading

We have hardly scratched the surface in this article when it comes to the technicalities which could be discussed for those seeking a more detailed trove of information.

As these treatments are not commonly available through the NHS, we believe it is important to shed as much light on what those dreaming of skin restoration can expect from the journey ahead.

We have aimed to provide you with as many core, relevant facts surrounding these innovative procedures as is possible, in the hope of concisely offering all you need to make an informed decision. However, for those keen to learn more of the intricacies behind facial thread vein removal or how our lasers effect and diffuse pigment problems, we have detailed pages ready to explain the science behind the treatments.

We’ve also collected together a full repertoire of our lasers, which we hope can provide the avid researcher with the peace of mind in knowing that all equipment at the Cambridge Laser Clinic is of the highest quality and capable of producing the superior results you’re aiming to achieve.